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Matt's Scooter

Why the name Matt’s Scooter for boy’s wear?

Max Gerson the founder of Gerson & Gerson was passionate about his business and the clothing he manufactured, but he had another passion as well – race horses.  Specifically breeding and racing Standardbreds.  He was extraordinarily successful at both.  The last foal Max bred was Matt’s Scooter named after his son Matthew - now running the very same company that his dad founded. 

Matt’s Scooter went on to become the fastest horse of his time.  In 1988 he broke the world record for the mile at Lexington, Kentucky by an unheard of four-fifths of a second.  In 1989 he was named Harness Horse of the Year. We’re proud to call our boys line Matt’s Scooter as it represents the best from the Gerson family. 

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