Bonnie Jean Wholesale Requirements

Bonnie Jean specializes in making beautiful dresses, legging sets and coat sets, with a goal of making girls feel beautiful, whimsical, and above all confident! We follow our founder’s philosophy with every garment: to make the best product possible, never sacrifice quality, and maintain affordable prices.

Who We Sell

In order to sell Bonnie Jean Products, you need to meet one of the below business models:

  • Brick and Mortar: store front with physical store location and address
  • Self-Hosted Ecommerce Retailer: an ecommerce website that is branded and has a secure cart checkout
  • Third Party Retailer: storefront established on an approved third party website (i.e. Amazon,, etc.) with a secure cart checkout
    • Third party sales channels must identified and are subject to additional approval to become an authorized seller of Bonnie Jean

**Bonnie Jean products must only be sold at the locations disclosed during the onboarding process. If the business model changes after you are approved, your salesperson must be notified**

**The following business models will not be considered as sellers of Bonnie Jean products: discount/consignment stores, flea market or trunk show vendors, online retailers marketing as a wholesale provider, and selling products solely through social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram etc.)**

The Onboarding Process

You will be asked to fill out an application that includes the following information:

For US Based Accounts: Application

  • Legal Business Name
  • Legal Business Address
  • Business Tax ID
  • Business Model Information

For International Accounts: Application

  • Legal Business Name
  • Legal Business Address
  • Business Model Information
  • Shipping/Freight Forwarding Information

Minimum Order Requirements

Opening Order: $500 USD